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Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 12 môn Tiếng Anh

Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 12 môn Tiếng Anh kèm theo đáp án là bài test hữu hiệu cho các bạn học sinh lớp 12 đang ôn thi trung học phổ thông quốc gia, thi hết học kỳ 1, thi hết học kỳ 2 hay đang ôn thi đại học. Các bạn sẽ có cơ hội được trau dồi kiến thức tiếng Anh của mình qua đề thi đã được chọn lọc rất kỹ này.



LỚP 12 THPT NĂM HỌC 2012-2013

Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề

Khóa ngày: 02/11/2012



I. Questions 1-10: You will hear a talk given by a woman who is a successful climber. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences.


On her expedition, she became aware of the feelingsof (1) ____________ and _____________ connected with mountaineering.

She had previously taken part in several so-called (2) ____________.

She found the mental (3) ____________ for climbing Everest particularly hard.

She was particularly worried about the (4) ____________she would have to climb through.

She says that you cannot take any of the (5) ____________ of life with you on Everest.

On her first trip there, she regretted taking (6) ____________ with her.

When she climbed Everest, she left her (7) ____________ after a certain point.

She says you mustn’t waste (8) ____________ or fuel when you’re on the mountain.

When they reached the top, they had a sensation of shared (9) ____________.

Her book about climbing Everest is called (10) ____________.

II. Questions 11-20: You will hear a conversation between two old friends who meet each other by accident.

For questions 11 – 15, choose the best answer.

11. What is John’s job?
A. Doctor             B. Teacher            C. Chemist

12. Which of the following continents did Frank notvisit on his travels?
A. Europe             B. Africa             C. North America

13. What’s Frank’s job?
A. Journalist             B. Travel writer              C. College lecturer

14. How many children do Frank and Liz have?
A. 0             B. 2              C. 3

15. When did John and Kate get married?
A. the last year of college             B. the year after graduation          C. 2 years after graduation

For questions 16 – 19, write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

16. What time should Frank and Liz go to dinner?

17. What’s Frank’s mobile phone number?

18. What’s on the other side of the road from John and Kate’s flat?

19. What does Liz NOTlike to eat?

For question 20, choose the best answer.

20. Which bell button is the one for John and Kate’s flat?


I. Choose the correct answer (A, B, C, or D) to each of the following questions.

1. I don’t care what you do about job. It’s no ______ of mine.
A. importance             B. feeling             C. matter             D. concern

2. Sometimes two cultural values seem to ______ each other.
A. conflict              B. contradict             C. reflect              D. disapprove

3. You can leave the money with him; he’s totally ______.
A. trusting              B. trusty              C. trustful             D. trustworthy

4. ______ you cut down your sugar intake, you’d have lost weight by now.
A. Did              B. Were             C. If             D. Had

5. Giving up smoking is just one of the ways to ______ heart disease.
A. push off             B. put off            C. ward off              D. throw off

6. They were surprised to come ______ such a large sum.
A. into              B. up to             C. over              D. up with

7. A walnut tree ______ us from the sun on hot days.
A. fences             B. warns            C. shelters              D. prevents

8. This machine will have been ______ by the end ofthe decade.
A. broken down              B. phased out            C. set out            D. made off with

9. I didn’t see anyone but I felt as though I ______.
A. have been watched              B. was being watched
C. being watched                     D. am watched

10. The ______ to success is to be ready from the start.
A. key              B. response               C. agreement             D. demand

11. For years she had ______ of meeting her long-lost sister.
A. hoped               B. wished              C. longed              D. dreamed

12. The ______ against your having that kind of accident are about 500 to 1.
A. possibilities               B. figures             C. opportunities              D. odds

13. They live in a ______ house in the suburbs of London.
A. single              B. detached             C. free-standing             D. distinct

14. Many people these days find it difficult to ______ a career.
A. settle into               B. stabilise             C. settle down             D. arrange

15. He never expected his prophecy to be _______.
A. accomplished               B. realised              C. achieved            D. fulfilled

16. They shared out the ______ of the business among all the partners.
A. makings              B. proceedings             C. benefits            D. proceeds

17. The signal was extremely difficult to ______.
A. settle               B. decipher             C. capture             D. fix

18. Noone was capable of breaking the ______ silence following the news.
A. harsh             B. thick            C. stunned            D. punched

19. They noticed a flame ______ in the breeze.
A. flickering             B. flashing          C. blinking           D. sparkling

20. He congratulated his opponent with just a ______ of smile on his face.
A. mark            B. print            C. hint             D. sign

II. Read the text and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (√). if a line has a word which should not be there, write the word. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).

III. Supply the correct form of the word in capitalletter.

A teacher standing at the front of a history class is seldom teaching history alone. A good teacher is also (1. DEMONSTRATE)______ self-expression, management ability, (2. COMMUNICATE)______ skills, and a whole host of other skills that may be (3. USE) ______ for you later in life. There are certain basic (4. ABLE)______ that everyone needs to have if they are to be (5. SUCCESS)______ in education, employment and even in social circumstances. Learning these skills is (6. SPECIAL)______ important at secondaryschool level, in order to (7. FULL)______ prepare for further education or the working world.A minimum level of (8. COMPETENT)______ is demanded by all employers, colleges and universities. The more advanced you are in those areas, the more the (9. ORGANISE)______ believes you will be competent. These personal (10. DEVELOP)______ skills differ from other school subjects in that they cannot be taught in isolation from the rest of the school curriculum.

IV. Complete each phrase in bold with one of the words from the box.

concern - wonder - likelihood - point - means -trace - knowing - choice - use - matter

1. It’s unfortunate, but I’m afraid you give me no______.

2. By the time the police arrived, there was no______ ofthe burglars.

3. It’s no______ askingme the way, I’m only a visitor here.

4. If you will smoke so much it’s no______ you have a bad cough.

5. You go home, there’s no______ inboth of us waiting.

6. Mind your own business, it’s no______ of yours.

7. As far as we know, the old man has no_______ of support.

8. There is really no______ what Eric will do next.

9. I couldn’t solve the puzzle, no______ howhard I tried.

10. At the moment there is no______ of the Prime Minister resigning.


I. Read the text below and think of the word whichbest fits each space. Use only ONE word in each space.

Trees for life

Trees are amongst the biggest and longest-living things on Earth, some dating back longer than the oldest buildings. But as well as being nice to look at, trees also (1)______ an important role in improving the quality of our lives.

On a world-wide scale, forests help to slow down the (2)______ of global warming by using up the gas known as carbon dioxide and giving (3)_______ the oxygen we need to breathe. At local neighborhood level, trees also (4)_____ important environmental benefits. They offer shade and shelter, which in turn reduces the (5)______ of energy needed to heat and cool nearby buildings, at the same time, they also remove other impurities from the air we breathe.

Urban trees are especially important because for many people they provide the only daily contact with the natural world. What’s (6)_____, urban trees also provide a home for birds, small animals and butterflies. (7)_______ the trees, we would lose the pleasure of seeing these creatures in our cities. Regrettably, (8)_____, trees in cities are now coming under (9)______. There is a limit to the level of pollution they can put up with and down at the street level, their roots are (10)_______ seriously disturbed by the digging needed to make way for modern telephone, television and other cables.

II. Choose A, B, C, or D to complete the following passage.


It might after all be true that you are only as oldas you feel. A British clinic is carrying out new high-tech tests to calculate the “real” biological age of patients (1) ______ on the rate of physical deterioration.

Information on every (2)______ of a patient’s health, fitness, lifestyle and family medical history is (3)______ into a computer to work out whether they are older or younger than their calendar age suggests.

The availability and increasing accuracy of the tests has (4) ______ one leading British gerontologist to call for biological age to be usedto determine when workers should retire. He (5)______ that if an employee’s biological or “real” age is shown, for example, to be 55 when he reaches his 65th birthday, he should be (6) ______ to work for another decade. Apparently most employers only take into (7)______ a person’s calendar years, and the two may differ considerably.

Some of those prepared to pay a substantial sum of money for the examinations will be able to smugly walk away with medical (8) ______ showing that they really are as young as they feel, giving them the confidence to act and dress as if they were younger. Dr Lynette Yong, resident doctor at the clinic where the tests are offered claims that the purpose of these tests will be to motivate people to (9)_______ their health.

The concept of “real” age is set to become big (10)______ in the USA with books and websites helping people work out whether their bodyis older or younger than their years. Others firmly believe that looks will always be the best indicator of age.

1. A. based              B. decided              C. arranged             D. established

2. A. position           B. prospect             C. attitude               D. aspect

3. A. supplied          B. fed                     C. provided              D. planned

4. A. projected        B. prodded              C. provoked             D. prompted

5. A. debates          B. argues                C. discusses          D. enquires

6. A. encouraged     B. supported           C. incited               D. promoted

7. A. interest           B. detail                 C. account             D. importance

8. A. grounds          B. signs                 C. demonstration     D. evidence

9. A. progress         B. improve              C. gain                   D. increase

10. A. trade            B. pursuit                C. business           D. concern

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