Bộ câu hỏi Rung chuông vàng bằng Tiếng Anh Tuyển tập câu hỏi thi Rung chuông vàng bằng Tiếng Anh có đáp án

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Giới thiệu

Bộ câu hỏi Rung chuông vàng bằng Tiếng Anh là tài liệu hữu ích, giúp các em ôn tập thật tốt kiến thức tiếng Anh của mình, để nhanh chóng đưa ra đáp án đúng trong cuộc thi Rung chuông vàng. Trong vòng 5 - 10 giây sau khi đọc xong câu hỏi, các thí sinh phải nhanh chóng đưa ra đáp án của mình bằng cách viết câu trả lời vào bảng và giơ cao. Bạn nào trả lời sai sẽ phải rời khỏi sàn thi đấu. Vậy mời các em cùng tham khảo bộ câu hỏi dưới đây: 

Bộ câu hỏi ôn thi Rung chuông vàng Cấp Trung học cơ sở

111 câu hỏi ôn Rung chuông vàng lớp 5

Tuyển tập câu hỏi thi rung chuông vàng bằng Tiếng Anh 

Câu 1: What is this in English?

a. It is a plant, especially a small tree

b. It is grown in a pot and is prevented from reaching its normal size

c. It is also the name of the art of growing plants or tree by this method, originally developed in Japan Bonsai

Câu 2: Khi chụp ảnh, người Anh thường nói từ gì? "Cheese!"

Câu 3: What is this word in English?

a. Its adjective appears in the name of an album "... star" of Mel C, a member of girlband "Spice Girls."

b. The direction to one's left when one is facing the rising sun

Câu 4: What did Laszio Josef Biro with his brother George invent? Ball point pen, tức bút bi

Câu 5: After years of war, the nation would want to make [...] with the enemies.

a. piece                 b. peace           c. pace        d.. pair

Đáp án: b. peace

Câu 6: What is this in English?

a. It is a small, hard, shiny white or bluish-grey ball.

b. It forms inside the shells of certain oysters. Pearl

Câu 7: Find the shape with different number of sides: Square, Rectangle, Heptagon, Rhombus? Heptagon

Câu 8: What kind of metal is this?

a. One of the four "noble metals"

b. Can only be dissolved by a solution called "royal water," which consists of HNO3 and HCl. Gold

Câu 9: Square root of 289? 17

Câu 10: What is this in English?

a. It is a very famous statue.

b. It was a gift of friendship from France to the USA. Statue of Liberty

Câu 11: Of the following, which country do not use chopsticks? Korea, India, China, Japan, Vietnam? India

Câu 12: Milk is to glass as letter is to what? Envelope

Câu 13: What is this in English?

a. It is a series of stage by which a person may advance in her or his career.

b. It is a structure for climbing up and down something

c. It is consisting of 2 upright lengths of wood, metal or rope joined to each other by short pieces of wood, used as steps.

Câu 14: Of the following phrase, which is not related to Turkey? 99% of the population is Hindu, Ankara, Ottoman, Troy.

Câu 15: Which legendary bird rises from its own ashes? Phoenix

Câu 16: What day of week is this?

a. Its name comes from the Roman god of Agricultur Saturday

Câu 17: An authority....................

a. decides cases in the law               b. repairs          c. has power to make decisions       d. writes novel

Đáp án là C

Câu 18: What does it mean by "V.E. Day"? Victory in Europe Day

Câu 19: Choose word of the first syllable stressed

a. cycle             b. create          c. device             d. effective

Đáp án: A

Câu 20: What he told me was a.....of lies.

a. pack                    b. load                  c. mob            d. flock

Đáp án: A

Câu 21: Last Sunday, Bob decided to call it a day? means

a. Bob gave the previous Sunday a name                    b. Bob stopped working to relax

c. Bob was absent from work that day                           d. Bob played truant that day Đáp án: B

Câu 22: What does the idiom "Rain cats and dogs" mean? rain heavily

Câu 23: What is the number of one half of one quarter of one tenth of 400? 5

Câu 24: What is this in English?

a. Most university have it.

b. It is provided for students without housing. Dormitory/ Hostel

Câu 25: "If you feel "like a fish out of water", that means: You are in the wrong place

Câu 26: RADAR là viết tắt của cụm từ nào? Radio Detection And Ranging

Câu 27: What is a clear colourless precious stone of pure CARBON? Diamond

Câu 28: A book with spaces for each day of the year in which you can write down things you have done.. What do you call this? Diary

Câu 29: If only 10% of 500 people win the game, 12% with the results are draws, haw many of them lose the game? 390.

Câu 30: What are these letters?

a. It's the Internet domain name of Slovenia.

b. They stand for a system consists of second, metre, kg, ampere...

c. These letters are chemical formula of an element, often combines with oxygen in quartz. SI.

Câu 31: Find the odd one out?

a. athletic-track                   b. football-pitch                c. swimming-pool            d. tennis-yard

Đáp án: D

Câu 32: What is it?

a. It is a tiny basic building block of matter.

b. All the materials on Earth are composed of various combinations of them.

c. They are the smallest particles of a chemical element that still exhibit all the chemical properties unique to that element. Atom

Câu 33: Fat people should....................the temptation to eat a lot of sweet things.

a. disobey                        b. resist               c. deny           d. refuse

Đáp án: B

Câu 34: What is this?

a. There has never been two of this that look exactly alike.

b. Formed by the turning of water vapor directly into ice. snowflake

Câu 35: Đây là cái gì (trả lời bằng Tiếng Anh)?

a. Thoạt đầu là nơi họp chợ, tụ tập của cộng đồng La Mã.

b. Thời phồn vinh nó trở thành quảng trường với nhiều công trình công cộng bao quanh.

c. Ngày nay nó mang 1 nghĩa khác, là nơi mà chúng ta phải vào đó thì mới biết được tình hình của cuộc thi.

Câu 36: Who is the English playwright and poet, recognized in much of the world as the greatest of all dramatists? William Shakespeare

Câu 37: Energy released during the spitting or fusing of atomic nuclei? Nuclear Energy

Câu 38: In folklore, a corpse that rises from the grave during the night, often in the form of a bat, and, for nourishment, sucks the blood of sleeping humans? Vampire

Câu 39: What is the name of a computer- based worldwide information network? Internet

Câu 40: British rock music group that lead the so-called "British Invasion" in 1960? The Beatles